October 15, 2013

FlipHTML5 Releases New jQuery Page Flip Software

HTML5 is fifth revision of the HTML standard for the Web. jQuery, meanwhile, is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the scripting of HTML. The combination of HTML5 and jQuery is thus perfect for creating attractive and interactive e-books that are compatible with more digital devices.

FlipHTML5 Software Co. is a company specializing in the development of jQuery and HTML based tools designed to convert standard PDF and other files into interactive and professional flipbooks. The company has recently announced the release of its new jQuery Page Flip software Flip HTML5, which allows users to create flip books using HTML5 technology. It also supports converting MS Office, Open Office and Images into HTML5 and jQuery based page flip eBooks.

“It gives a real-life flipping effect and sound, as if the pages in a book were being turned as the reader was turning from one page to the next. This provides the user with a unique reading experience, giving them the sound and visuals of reading a real book or magazine made from ink and paper,” noted the company.

Flip HTML5 allows users to add YouTube (NewsAlert) videos, images, photo slide shows, audio, and flash animations to the flip books. Moreover, users can opt to customize their pages with a variety of supplied templates, which can be changed with various colors and backgrounds. The combination of HTML5 and jQuery aims to make the generated flip book perform faster and operable across a variety of devices.

Key features include customizable conversion page ranges, two optional render engines for different needs, adjustable output page quality and size, the ability to import existing links and table of contents from source PDF, and a flipbook search feature.

Flip HTML5 is compatible with iOS and Android (NewsAlert) phones and tablets. It also provides free online upload services to users who have no server.

Edited by Blaise McNamee


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