October 17, 2013

HTML5 for the Mobile Web

HTML5 is the latest HTML standard that comes with a few new elements and attributes. The idea behind introducing this new standard is to enhance user experience and to make it easy for developers to develop more applications for the Web. The primary advantage with this standard is that developers can create an application and deploy it across different devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and even cars! Any device that has a Web browser can support HTML5 applications.

This is why automakers are increasingly turning to HTML5 to create an excellent infotainment experience for drivers and passengers. Industry stalwarts such as GM and Ford have come up with strategies to connect smartphones with cars to make it possible for users to continue using their favorite apps even when they are on the road.

The primary problem with this strategy is that different smartphones have different operating systems and this makes it difficult to develop a unified platform that will work for all phones. To overcome this problem, they are turning to HTML5 applications because they can be deployed across any device, irrespective of the underlying operating system.

Despite this advantage of HTML5, it also comes with certain limitations. For example, it will never have the same performance as that of the native software used in different operating systems. Also, HTML5 is a fairly new standard that has not been tested extensively for sophisticated apps that include complicated algorithms and heavy graphics. Its integration with the underlying operating system may cause problems as well because unlike native code, this standard is not a natural extension of the operating system. Lastly, HTML5 is led by the W3C (NewsAlert) consortium, so there tends to be a lag between identifying and implementing changes in the standard.

In short, HTML5 comes with its pros and cons; therefore, it is up to the industry that is looking to implement it. In the case of the auto industry, there is a lot of optimism about HTML5 applications. It is hoped that the new car models that roll out within the next few years will make the best use of this goldmine to provide an enhanced driving experience for users.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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