October 22, 2013

E-Book Readers May ‘Flip’ over HTML5 Offerings

HTML5-based Flip books have been created that will impress discerning e-Book readers as they flip through multiple pages.

They were developed by Flip HTML5 and jQuery, a fast and feature-rich, multiple-browser JavaScript library.

Also, they can be used for e-brochures, and online catalogs, online magazines or even online textbooks.

As an added plus, the Flip e-Books are compatible with iPad, iPhone or other Android (NewsAlert) operating system devices. The flip e-Book can be used, too, with a Mac computer or Windows-based personal computer.

“With the increasing [number] of mobile users nowadays, HTML5 tech is an inevitable trend,” Alan Tsai, who created Flip HTML5, said in a statement. “We aim to provide [the] best tool to all eBook creators all over the world.”

The new Flip HTML5 can be downloaded by users or they can test out related freeware. In addition, Flip HTML5 provides easy-to-understand demonstrations and case studies for new users.

In another feature, the Flip HTML5’s free Page Flip Creator lets users convert a PDF file into a book with page-flipping features. As many as 50 e-Books can be downloaded to the online server each month, as well.

“This HTML5 based software comes in three different varieties: the basic version, the gold version and the pro version,” according to  The basic version is free – and provides many of the features found in premium versions. Basic software can transform PDF files into flip books. Other varieties can convert image files, MS Office, and OpenOffice files into Flip books, too.

Also, the characteristics found with Flip HTML5 are well-suited to marketing efforts. “With the Flip HTML5, clients can make special content for their products’ promotion. The sensible page turning, impact, pre-designed arrangements and skins and other characteristics make this app a good choice for organizations that seek … low cost solutions of online marketing,” adds.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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