October 25, 2013

YCD|RAMP Integration with Google Web Designer

YCD Multimedia is a provider of smart digital media solutions and applications for the retail environment and similar industries, with more than 2,000 customers worldwide. YCD’s strategic approach is to meet their customers’ business needs by supplying them with a media experience that targets the right individual, with the right message, at the right time. 

To do just that, it uses its flexible digital signage platform to provide the customer with interactive information and eye-catching, entertaining audiovisual (AV) content that communicates specific messages to the audience.

The company’s digital signage platform RAMP (the company’s proprietary Retail Advertising and Merchandising Platform), for instance, provides an intuitive interface to optimize communication and enhance the customer experience by making technology more engaging. When the in-store digital multimedia proposal system is placed at various retail venues, it definitely creates a unique experience for the customer by delivering targeted messages (e.g., product promotion, special offers, services and more) at specific locations so consumers can be informed in real time.

Last week, the company announced an innovative, easy-ad workflow for YCD|RAMP with Google (News Alert) Web Designer (GWD), a free tool (launched by Google last month) to create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics. According to Google, GWD makes it simple to publish ads through any platform.

YCD’s research and development team discovered ways for users to utilize this well-received and powerful tool as part of their digital signage workflow in RAMP, said Eran Sharon, the newest member of YCD’s U.S. team (as of July) and new VP of Product Management at YCD Multimedia. It’s an integration update for RAMP for “making template creation [the basis for RAMP-branded designs] by YCD customers fast, simple, and free," Sharon added.

This is exactly what was needed to make RAMP templates readily available for users to tag (NewsAlert) media and text in GWD without needing costly HTML or Flash Studio services, Sharon said.

In sum, YCD has been able to create “a seamless workflow for importing Google Web Designer projects directly into RAMP, enabling YCD customers to create templates. In addition, has made it possible to create new HTML tags with RAMP dynamic objects, while “[taking] advantage of RAMP’s dynamic data features (pricing, product images, call to action, and more).”

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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