October 25, 2013

Oracle Debuts NetBeans IDE 7.4

Oracle (News Alert) unveiled NetBeans IDE 7.4, which helps developers  quickly and easily build desktop, mobile and Web applications with Java, HTML5, PHP, C/C++ and more.

The new release is ideal for for PHP and C/C++ developers and is built with many rich features such as HTML5 and JavaScript development features and browser integration with existing and new Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and PHP applications.

"The NetBeans team continues to bring advanced, new user-interface capabilities to the Java community," said Chris Tonas, vice president, Application Development Tools, Oracle. "NetBeans IDE 7.4 takes this further with innovative HTML5 capabilities, browser integration and support for the JDK 8 Developer Preview builds."

The company released the NetBeans IDE as a free, open-source IDE, compatible with Windows, Mac, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and other Linux distributions.

Also, users are provided with wide range of tools, templates and samples in NetBeans IDE 7.4, which helps them to set up their applications and manage them efficiently. Users can also have access to first-class and comprehensive support for the newest Java technologies and latest Java enhancements before other IDEs.

The NetBeans IDE comes with an editor that indents lines, matches words and brackets, and highlights source code syntactically and semantically. It also provides code templates, coding tips, and refactoring tools. Also, the editor supports many languages from Java, C/C++, XML and HTML, to PHP, Groovy, Javadoc, JavaScript and JSP.

“As NetBeans IDE users since 2003, new releases are always exciting to us,” said Henry Arousell, head of product development, Björn Lundén Information. “Throughout the years, NetBeans IDE has continuously offered great support for the tools and methodologies we use. Its Java Editor integrates well with our development processes, thanks to its integrated Javadoc, syntax highlighting, source control tools, refactoring tools and profiler.”

The latest NetBeans IDE provides developer support for working with JDK 8 Developer Preview builds and is currently available for download here.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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