October 26, 2013

HTML5 Report Week in Review

As always, the HTML5 space saw a fair amount of activity this week, including some ruminations about the state of the technology today.

For example, Business Insider’s subscription research service BI Intelligence released research that attempts to answer the HTML5 Web apps vs. native apps dilemma. This research examines both the short and long-term prospects of both types of apps. In terms of the former, it’s clear that native apps dominate, accounting for the vast majority of mobile usage. In terms of the latter, however, it’s possible that HTML5’s easy development could make it the language of choice for app developers.

Meanwhile, HTML5 Report contributing writer Steve Anderson pondered the state of HTML5 in relation to the enterprise, concluding that there is still some deep confusion there. In particular, it seems that no one knows how to implement HTML5 into enterprise technologies, or how it can be incorporated into normal operations.

Martin Beeby, a developer evangelist at Microsoft (News Alert), seemed to agree with this, stating: “The overwhelming perception I get from customers is utter confusion about what they’re doing. If you pick a noun and add .js or .io, you’ll probably get a library. It’s extraordinarily confusing, and that’s the biggest problem.”

In other news, embedded software and hardware provider for the automotive industry, Elektrobit Corporation, released the latest version of its human machine interface (HMI) platform, EB GUIDE. This release boasts a number of improvements with HTML5 support being one of the most prominent. With HTML5 support, EB GUIDE can now bring Web-based applications into the car, while also allowing carmakers and suppliers to create multi-modal HMIs enriched with HTML5 content.

Lastly, provider of HTML5 animated corporate holiday eCards,, launched a new collection of iPad and mobile-friendly corporate Christmas eCards. According to the company’s managing director, Michael Hiscoe, this new collection is create, unique and designed specifically with business customers, both large and small, in mind.

That’s all for this week, but you can always check out the HTML5 Report for more news in this space.


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