October 28, 2013

Unisource to Deploy Visionship G3 Transportation Management System in HTML5

Unisource Corporation will be deploying the Visionship G3 transportation management system (TMS) and its accompanying products in HTML5.

Bill Wood, president of Unisource subsidiary Visionship, said, “This is a critical aspect of the continued evolution of the Visionship G3 TMS system, allowing all users to access Visionship G3 with consistent views regardless of browser type or mobile device. Providing our systems utilizing HTML5 will also allow new Visionship G3 clients to be on-boarded more quickly and at a lower cost.”

Officials explained that HTML5 will be used because it is a secured Web native language that can be used for structuring and presenting content on the Internet. HTML5 is designed to augment language and multimedia support and also to keep content delivery secure and consistent with all Web browser types, computers, and mobile devices.

The Visionship G3 is a cloud-based TMS that will be delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS (News Alert)) platform. This method is preferred by most customers as was rightfully deciphered by Forbes.

Forbes survey results reveal that the cloud-computing industry will grow to $210 billion by 2016. Also the SaaS market will expand at a consistent CAGR of 19.5 percent through 2016. The expenditure incurred on account of SaaS deployments on a global scale is forecast to be $32.8 billion by 2016.

The SaaS delivery model will suit mobile and desktop browsers as they have adopted HTML5 in order to standardize secure content delivery across multiple platforms. Unisource will be deploying Visionship mobile applications in the SaaS framework and is planning to synchronize all platforms to the latest HTML5 standardized language, confirmed officials.

Jordan Serlin, chairman and CEO of Unisource, said, “HTML5 has better overall security and performance than its predecessor, and as Visionship as well as Visionpad are centered on client logistics data, the added layer of security and performance of HTML5 is a leading-edge value add to all of our customers.”

The company’s migration to HTML5 does not impose any cost to the clients and is expected to make Unisource get ahead in the paperless logistics and TMS sectors. This initiative will enable clients of Unisource to benefit from secure interaction with both mobile and desktop Visionship applications, noted Serlin.

In September 2013, Unisource announced that MEMKING IT Asset Recovery has chosen Visionship G3 as their asset recovery and transportation management system. MEMKING selected Visionship G3 to streamline, manage, and reduce many of the legal as well as environmental risks associated with technology disposal. MEMKING IT Asset Recovery designs and implements IT asset recovery programs for equipment leasing firms, original equipment manufacturers, universities, resellers, integrators, and major corporations.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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