October 29, 2013

Intel Now Offering XDK NEW HTML5 Cross-Platform Toolkit

HTML5 is poised to become increasingly important in app development. As part of its initiative in the sector, Intel (News Alert) has announced a new XDK HTML5 cross-platform toolkit.

The company has announced how Intel XDK NEW is now available as a free download for the Windows, OS X and Ubuntu (NewsAlert) Linux operating systems.

In addition, the toolkit is targeted for hybrid and web apps. It will let developers make apps quicker, and has a streamlined interface. Among the new features is a new editor designed for HTML5 and web development. It has syntax-highlighting and auto-completion. Also, it features round-trip editing.

It features, too, a new UI-builder tool. The tool supports HTML5 “responsive design and helps simplify UI design using drag and drop,” according to a statement from Intel.

In addition, the kit has streamlined workflow, and more application programming interfaces (APIs), Intel said. When it comes to API support, the kit has Cordova 2.9 API support and appMobi (NewsAlert) device APIs. The APIs can be used with JavaScript.

Also, the app designer is a WYSIWYG layout tool. It makes user interfaces. The app designer supports App Framework, Bootstrap 3, jQuery Mobile and Topcoat, according to Intel.

It provides diverse uses. For instance, it can “Create app designs that automatically adapt for use across a wide range of devices with different form factors,” Intel said in a statement.

The toolkit can be used to make and use Android, Chrome, iOS, Microsoft (News Alert) Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Windows 8 Store, and Tizen store-ready apps.

How can the file be downloaded? To download the Intel XDK NEW, please click here. To install, download the file. Then locate and open the XDK install file. Find the launch screen and install screens. First-time users need to click “next” and wait for the installation to be completed. To run XDK, find and then launch XDK NEW from the start menu. 

Edited by Alisen Downey


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