November 01, 2013

Telx Web Reveals New Trends in Web Designing to Boost Business

The immense growth in the usage of smartphones has impacted the field of Web designing significantly. Web design involves the production and maintenance of websites. It allows the creation of original content that can be offered to consumers on the Internet.

Website design takes into consideration information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts, imagers and icons design. With increasing mobile-friendly applications, Web designers are required to focus more on details like high screen resolution features to make it compatible for smartphone users.

A good Web design enhances the online presence of any business driving customers to it and thereby improving sales.

Telx Web, a specialist in Web design, shows how to mix and match both HTML5 and native code technologies in building an application. Mixing HTML5 and native code will result in a hybrid application which can enhance the mobile experience. The app developer can also pick the best tool while developing the user interface.

A mobile solution can be developed using native code, hybrid mobile app and mobile Web app. When using HTML5 in developing an application, multiple platforms become compatible, which eliminates the need to write the entire application exclusively for each platform.

Hybrid applications are developed in HTML5 for the user interface, which uses native code to access device-specific features available to Web applications. As native code is non-visual in nature as it passes data back to the HTML5 layer of the app making it available to the user, according to Telx Web officials.

However, officials explained that developing portions of the user experience by using more than one technology requires developers who are well versed in both native development and HTML5. Also the portion of the user interface that is developed using native code will not be compatible with other platforms and has to be redeveloped.

Other new trends that have appeared in Web designing are the reduced usage of Flash technology in website design, which is being replaced by new technologies like Canvas, CSS3 or the updated version of the language used in style sheets, JavaScript.

Minimalism in Web designing is also gaining ground where designers want to just communicate to their specific targeted online visitors. Websites are going black and white, with a simple layout design that’s easy to follow for online visitors. This is expected to enhance business opportunities.

Telx Web also offers expert services in paid search marketing, giving companies more control over how and where they are listed and advertised on search engines. Paid (News Alert) search marketing allows companies to purchase space on the front page of search engine listings. As the term pay per click suggests, the company is only charged as and when someone clicks on the link.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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