November 02, 2013

HTML5 Report Week in Review

As we transitioned into November this week, the HTML5 space saw a lot of interesting activity. Here’s a look at some of the top stories.

Kicking things off, Netflix indirectly confirmed that it will soon properly support Linux-based systems simply by making the switch to HTML5 away from Microsoft’s (News Alert) Silverlight. Currently, Linux users are stuck using a less-than-ideal workaround to get Netflix streaming to work, but with HTML5, it should work as it does on Windows and Mac PCs. Still, Netflix is playing it coy for now as a support representative would only say that “it is a possible chance that Linux will be compatible for sure.”

Unisource Corporation followed with the news that it is deploying the Visionship G3 transportation management system and its related products in HTML5 going forward. Bill Wood, president of Unisource’s Visionship subsidiary, stated that this will allow all users to access Visionship G3 with “consistent views regardless of browser type or mobile device.” HTML5 will also allow Visionship G3 clients to be on-boarded faster and at a lower cost.

Meanwhile, Magic Software president and CEO Regev Yativ stated that the company’s mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) provides its users with greater freedom through HTML5 support. By supporting the development of native, hybrid and HTML5 apps, the offering allows clients to stay ahead of the curve.

In other news, Intel (News Alert) introduced a new XDK HTML5 cross-platform toolkit dubbed simply Intel XDK NEW. Available for free on Windows, OS X and Ubuntu (NewsAlert) Linux PCs, the toolkit is meant for the development of hybrid and Web apps. It allows developers to create apps more quickly, while its streamlined interface promises to make general use much smoother.

Finally, Telerik launched Everlive, a new backend-as-a-service (BaaS) offering that offers developers easy access to backend server code. With this access, developers should experience significant improvements to both productivity and efficiency when creating cross-platform and mobile apps. Everlive is delivered as a suite of cloud-based services that include data storage, user management, cloud code execution, and more.

That wraps up this week’s HTML5 news, but there’s more coverage to be found on the HTML5 Report front page.


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