November 04, 2013

New ‘Goo Create’ Platform Generates 3D HTML5 Web Graphics Without Code or Plug-ins

Goo Technologies has just announced the release of Goo Create, an accessible platform for high-end 3D Web graphics. With Goo Create, even non-professionals can create high-quality graphics without the need for coding, downloads or plug-ins.

Goo Create, which is available for open beta signup on the Goo Technologies website, offers a set of cloud-based software accessible on any device or browser that supports Web Graphics Library (WebGL) in HTML5. Marcus Kruger, Goo’s founder and executive chairman, says that Goo Create is one of the market’s most disruptive HTML5 offerings.

"This new platform expands the development of professional interactive 3D Web graphics to artists and creative people, whether they can code or not – a truly disruptive force not seen since the industry first began shifting from Flash to HTML5," Kruger said in a statement.

The company developed Goo Create after examining its own 2013 State of Browser Gaming Index. In the study, Goo discovered that 50 percent of gamers wanted to see performance improvements in browser-based games.

Enter WebGL. WebGL is a low-level Java-based API that lets HTML5 browsers access a computer’s graphics hardware from within the scripts on webpages. Essentially, it’s an image library that allows developers to create 3D graphics that are both real-time rendered and interactive.

WebGL isn’t compatible with all browsers and operating systems. Desktop browsers currently supporting WebGL include Chrome 9, Firefox and Opera Next. It can also be enabled through a WebKit on Safari 5.1 by going through Preferences to the Advanced tab. Check "Show develop in menu bar" and then check "Develop->Enable WebGL" in the menu bar.

On mobile devices, WebGL can be utilized within Firefox and Chrome for Android (NewsAlert). However, Microsoft hasn’t yet expressed interest in incorporating WebGL into Internet Explorer.

"Goo Create is built on and for WebGL-powered HTML5, allowing us to accelerate that transition and empower millions of creative people to build beautiful games and app content for the web," Kruger concluded. "We’re laying the foundation for the future, more vibrant Web, and we can’t wait to see what our community builds with it."

Edited by Alisen Downey


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