November 06, 2013

Infinite Monkeys Selects GRQ Innovations as the Mobile App of the Week

The recent years have seen an unprecedented surge in the mobile apps development using multiple platforms, but when it comes to choosing an app maker platform the developers have to wade through the innumerable options and analyze the pros and cons of each. Thousands of small businesses, blogs, sports teams and community groups have used Infinite Monkeys app maker platform to create and launch their mobile app for Android (NewsAlert), iPhone and over 5,000 different models of HTML5 compatible smartphones. The USP of the platform lies in its easy drag-and-drop app building capability that allows anyone to create an app without knowledge of coding. With affordable pricing options, from free to just $99, Infinite (NewsAlert) Monkeys allows small businesses, schools and community groups to create customized mobile apps without having to hire an expensive app-making agency.


GRQ Innovations is one of the thousands of companies that have leveraged Infinite Monkeys’ free app builder platform to create and launch its mobile app for Android, iPhone (NewsAlert) and over 5,000 different models of HTML5 compatible devices. Each week Infinite Monkeys selects one app from the thousands of iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile websites that have been created with its free app maker platform. GRQ Innovations has been named Infinite Monkeys’ “App of the Week” for October 27th – November 2nd.


To be selected as app of the week, it has to be useful for the company. The GRQ Innovations app enabled the company to deliver excellent support services to its customers. In addition Infinite Monkeys also considered the high quality and beauty of GRQ Innovations app, while naming it as the “app of the week”. In a recent interview about building the GRQ Innovations app, founder of GRQ Innovations Anthony Buonaspina said that one of the primary issues with GRQ Innovations has been to allow clients to quickly and easily submit support tickets. The app made with Infinite Monkeys app builder helped the company to respond to clients in record time.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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