November 06, 2013

Design Studio HTML5 Makes Building Ads Fast and Easy

Flite, a multi-screen advertising company, has launched Design Studio HTML5, a Web-based design tool for building creative ads that can be run on all devices and screens. This tool designs interactive, animated HTML5 creations using a familiar, intuitive interface.

Flite’s browser-based tool is ideal for designers, creative agencies, and publishing and advertising studios.

The digital media advertising has transformed considerably from the last few years. As more and more people are using tablets and mobile devices, the popularity of HTML5 content has increased considerably. As a result, the majority of today’s browsers and operating systems support HTML5.

Flite’s Design Studio HTML5 comes up with interesting features like easy-to-use UI, a straightforward installation and trafficking of HTML5 content, live update capabilities without reinstalling code, multi-user collaboration in the design process, and better cross-browser/cross-device support.

 Lisa Weinstein, president of Global Digital, Data and Analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group, said in a statement, “With consumers leading the way to screen convergence, our teams will be able to leverage Flite to power the next generation of multi-screen, consumer led communication. Design Studio HTML5 further unlocks the potential for publishing real-time content and brand stories for our clients, irrespective of device and screen."

Flite’s HTML5 ad can be rendered on all popular devices, and can be updated at any time without issuing new tags.

Will Price, CEO of Flite, added, “The release of this multi-screen design studio is the solution that our clients and the market have been asking for, with powerful features such as Adobe (NewsAlert) Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator SVG file import, Design Studio HTML5 is truly a modern web design tool. It allows designers to build the most interactive mobile and display ads for today’s devices. We’re excited to offer access to Design Studio HTML5 for free."

Edited by Alisen Downey


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