November 08, 2013

HTML5 Report Week in Review

The HTML5 space saw a fair amount of varied activity this week. Here’s a look at some of the top stories.

Open Internet and HTML5 supported Mozilla (NewsAlert) Corporation made the news this week by addressing the issues its Firefox browser has been having with HTML5 videos. In particular, Firefox users have been noticing issues with watching HTML5 video on YouTube. This is because Google (News Alert) has implemented MSE adaptive streaming, which Firefox doesn’t yet support. Fortunately, this issue only exists when streaming at 480p and 1080p.

Meanwhile, Mozilla’s Christian Heilmann recently talked about how the inadequacies of mobile browsers may be holding HTML5 apps back. In particular, he named iOS’ Safari browser and the stock browser found on older versions of Android (NewsAlert) as the primary culprits, which don’t give HTML5 the attention it deserves, leading to poor performance.

In other news, Goo Technologies released Goo Create, a powerful, yet accessible, platform for creating high-end, 3D HTML5 Web graphics. The point is to enable even non-professionals to create high-quality graphics without the need for coding or plug-ins. Currently available in open beta, Goo Create is cloud-based and so is accessible from any device or browser that supports both WebGL and HTML5.

Meanwhile, mobile app development platform Infinite Monkeys selected GRQ Innovations’ app as its mobile app of the week. Built with the Infinite (NewsAlert) Monkeys platform and based on HTML5, the GRQ Innovations app allows the company to deliver enhanced support services to its customers. The app was chosen for its high quality and excellent design.

Finally, multi-screen advertising company Flite launched Design Studio HTML5, a Web-based design tool for building creative ads that are compatible with all devices. In particular, this tools enables the creation of interactive animated HTML5 advertisements, helping designers, creative agencies and advertising studios reach a broader audience.

That about wraps up this week, but be sure to check out the HTML5 Report for more news in this space.


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