November 13, 2013

AppFoundation Unveils HTML5 Robot to Simplify App Development

With HTML5 gaining popularity as the new Web technology, organizations are busy migrating to the new platform to deliver innovative applications over the Web.

However many organizations do not have in-depth knowledge or experience to automate the testing of HTML5-based Web applications due to the complexity of the HTML and JavaScript in which the current test automation tools do not have a good way to interact.

To simplify HTML5 app development, the AppFoundation has just unveiled a new technology suite that can be used to automate the testing of HTML5-based Web and mobile applications.

The new HTML5 robot enables the creation of automated tests that are maintainable and that do not break with trivial changes. The robot leverages various technologies in the HTML5 enterprise Web application space including the Sencha/Ext JS and various cloud based Java application server implementations.

HTML5 Robot provides companies with a way to easily and automatically test Web applications in any version of almost any Web browser.

The new tool comes with two features: the first is a Java library which can be used to augment existing testing frameworks or to just start writing Java based browser tests out-of-the-box. The second is a new language called Gwen that allows writing human-language style tests declaratively.

“The need for browser-based test automation is hard to ignore,” said John Valentino of AppFoundation, the brain behind HTML5 Robot. “Companies are slimming down IT staff, yet these companies still need to know that the latest round of software upgrades didn’t break the business critical Web-based application in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox version 19.”

“Having a staff of human beings manually make these determinations is time consuming, error prone, costly, and ultimately unnecessary,” Valentino added.

HTML5 Robot enables companies to automatically Web applications in any version of almost any Web browser. It addresses these issues by predefining component lookups for HTML, Ext JS, and Sencha Touch using a methodology that allows developers to simply specify what they want and how to find it.

HTML5 Robot Java API is ready to go and can be used to write tests using 88 percent less code, and is estimated to allow test case creation at a rate of eight times faster than building a customized Selenium based in-house solution. It also includes extensive online documentation, as well as working examples in both Java and Gwen.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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