November 15, 2013

Art101 Unveils HTML5 Interactive Maps to Run with Javascript, CSS

Art101, a provider of online maps, now offers a variety of interactive maps built in HTML5 and using scalable vector graphics to run with Javascript and CSS (NewsAlert).

The responsive maps can be easily embedded in your website. Developers can customize the map using simple Javascript file. The template can be easily modified.

Art101 has launched two different versions of the U.S. map: simple and advanced. The simple map has each state linked to a URL, so visitors can get quick access to the relevant page that gives the essential data and specific details.

The interactive map allows users to change the click color, up-color or the hover color. They can enable or disable each state. They can also add links and load images. It also features a scroll bar for long content, which will auto-hide for short text.

Thanks to scalable vector graphics, users can also re-size the map to any parameters without compromising the quality.

The maps provided by Art101 are highly responsive so that they can fit on to the display of any devices like smartphones and tablets without compromising the quality and features of the entire map.

Since the maps are coded in HTML5, it does not require any plugin or Flash to work. The maps are compatible with all leading platforms like Opera, Safari, Firefox IE9+ and Chrome as well as devices including iPads and iPhones.

Art101 also offers a variety of interactive maps including world map, a UK map, Canada map and more. Users can also get a WordPress map plugin if required so that they can embed the HTML5 map into their WordPress site.

The WordPress plugin also comes with a number of customization features, giving users a number of options like change background color and opacity,  border color and gradient color, activate or deactivate any state and change the display name, choose to pen in the same window or in a new one, and more.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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