November 20, 2013

Xbox One Sports Power Browser Featuring HTML5, inPrivate Browsing

The Xbox One might have been beaten to the market place by the Playstation 4, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft’s (News Alert) next generation console is going to lose the war altogether.  One of the ways the Xbox One could actually come out on top is some of its other major features. One major feature that is going to raise some eyebrows is the power and simplicity of its built in web browser.

A blog post by the Internet Explorer team brought some new information to light about the browser contained in the next generation console. The browser was included so that users would be able to access a number of different web applications through your television.  In order to do this and do it right, the browser includes HTML5 and CSS3 support. Some industry analysts are saying that the browser is good enough that it could make it easier to surf the web than using a desktop or laptop computer.

Using the Xbox One, there are a number of different ways you can access the browser. The best news for Microsoft fans is that those who used the browser on the Xbox 360 won’t be losing their bookmarks. Not only does the browser have HTML5 capabilities, but it also comes with features like inPrivate and tabbed browsing.

While inPrivate has become something of a “ho-hum” feature when it comes to more well known browsers on your desktop, it is a very new feature when talking about using a browser inside a video game console. The powerful Xbox One IE also includes features such as Cookie blocking and Do Not Track. In other words, it appears that the browser will operate quite a bit like the most popular versions you can get on your home computer.

One big drawback to surfing the web using a console has always had to slowly select letters using a gamepad, or buying a separate keyboard. The upgraded voice support will make it that much easier to surf using Xbox One as well. Kinect can also allow you to point and click through gestures. On Friday, November 22 users can try out the built in browser themselves.



Edited by Cassandra Tucker






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