November 20, 2013

HTML5 Bringing Numerous Positives to Desktop Browsers

While most people talk about mobile applications when discussing HTML5, those people tend to overlook all the good that can be done when using HMTL5 on regular old laptop and desktop browsers. The advancements in the way that developers are using HTML5 and other programming languages these days are making browsers that much more powerful. A couple of aspects are starting to show up in laptop and desktop browsers more than ever before.

3D graphics are one of the things that have gotten bigger and better over the last few years. WebGL is just one of the technological advances that has allowed for more advanced games than ever before. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer are all able to use graphics that cause fewer hiccups and no outside plugins.

WebRTC is another aspect of today’s browser that has been helped along by HTML5. Video chatting is something that everyone is looking for and applications like Skype (News Alert) are only making that demand bigger. If people can actually use some sort of video chat through their browsers, then all the better for them. Almost every browser out there is helping people actually accomplish that goal these days.

Another new feature that has popped up thanks in large part to HTML these days is the drag and drop functionality. People are now able to drag local files onto their online webpages. You can now upload documents into Google Docs and Imgur simply by dragging them to the right spot on the page. There is no more multiple step uploading and waiting. Email and Facebook (NewsAlert) are now allowing for much easier attachment loading thanks to some handy dandy HTML5 programming.

Some people still don’t seem to trust HTML5 programming. In the mobile world HTML5 is taking a backseat to native applications. On the laptop and desktop side of things, people are starting to see the upside of the programming language in a big way. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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