November 20, 2013

ESPNcricinfo Announces HTML5 Overhaul of Mobile Site and App

HTML5 is fast becoming the go-to technology for mobile websites, simply because of how much easier it is to reach more eyeballs. By using HTML5, mobile websites are inherently built to be able to be accessible from any platform. ESPN (NewsAlert) seems to have gotten behind the technology, having just announced its mobile website, ESPNcricinfo will be getting a major overhaul using the programming language. ESPNcricinfo will also soon be seeing a brand new mobile application for a huge range of smartphones.

ESPN announced the move earlier this week and says the revamping means that the new site will be viewable on smartphones that are using iOS and Android (NewsAlert), as well as J2ME. Entry level Java based phones are also going to be able to let their users get the latest and greatest Cricket league info and scores.

The new website and mobile application will give a rich blending of live scores and up-to-the-minute updates on current matches. There will also be news and opinion pieces, as well as records, statistics and other features at a user’s fingertips. The goal of the revamping is to provide a quicker and more dynamic platform. Because the development team went with HTML5 instead of trying to build native applications for each platform, the company was able to get a more uniform look and feel.

Developing through HTML5 also makes it that much easier to spot a potential bug and kill it before it becomes a real problem on any of the platforms the application will be used.

"Even though our mobile web presence has been enormously popular and an industry leader, it was time to take another big step forward. The aim was to provide improved performance, design and content experience that takes into account the changes in mobile and that is optimized across device screens and platforms,” said Gaurav Thakur, director of mobile products and revenue for ESPNcricinfo and ESPN Digital Media, India. “We want to be where our fans are, and in an on-the-go way that is engaging and makes use of newer technologies to provide the best for cricket fans. That is a philosophy that guides not only the mobile website but the upgrades in our mobile apps and all that we do on the mobile platform."

Edited by Alisen Downey


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