December 02, 2013

Orange Upgrades Libon Visual Voicemail Using HTML5

The reasons why companies that deal in web-based solutions are turning to HTML5 are really too numerous to mention. There are simply too many positives to using the programming language. The more devices that are out there that can access the web, the more useful HTML5 becomes. Orange (NewsAlert) appears to understand and agree with that philosophy. The company recently announced that its visual voicemail now runs on HTML5.

Officially named Libon Web, this application allows users to access their Orange voicemail, contacts and messaging features through any web connected device. This is hardly the first company that has made a move to HTML5, after first dabbling with native application languages. It wasn’t that long ago that even the world’s biggest sports information provider in ESPN realized there was no reason not to move over to the web programming language for its mobile applications.

The really interesting thing about the continued move to HTML5 is that while it works great for mobile devices, it also makes browsing from a desktop that much easier as well. The programming language is built to be universal, so any computer can log onto a site built using HTML5 quicker and easier. Orange has done quite a bit more with Libon Web than allow people to access a website quicker though.

The visual voicemail will allow you to check messages, but it will also allow customers to send messages that have photos and documents attached. The solution will also allow users to retrieve conversations with contacts from any web-connected device. The visual voicemail allows users to see a transcript of a voice message, making understanding the message that much easier.

Giles Corbett (NewsAlert), the head of Libon, talked about how important it was for his company to make the move to HTML5 in a recent statement saying, “The launch of Libon Web, out HTML5 beta is the next stage in the development of Libon. It’s something we’ve been working on for some time now and we’re excited about offering our users access to it.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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