December 02, 2013

La Warida Radio is AppMakr’s App of the Week

Although the Thanksgiving holiday is over, La Warida Radio has something to be thankful for. AppMakr has named it as the “App of the Week” for November 24-30.

AppMakr showcases apps made using its app building tool dubbed The Machine. La Warida Radio, based in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico happens to be one of them. AppMakr cited its clean design and ease of use as reasons for giving the award.

“Their app has a clean and organized look, further providing links on their social media sites in order to become more accessible to their listeners. These links include Facebook (NewsAlert), where they can build a closer relationship with their listeners, and YouTube where users can access and watch their latest video uploads,” an AppMakr release said.

AppMakr touted the ability for its customers to build complex mobile apps like La Warida’s which includes audio streaming, weather and chat functions, without having to enter a single line of code.

The company cites the growing use of mobile devices as one of the reasons for building HTML5 apps. HTML5 allows site designers to build in multimedia functionality without the use of Adobe Flash, which powers major video sites like YouTube but has been shunned by both Apple’s (News Alert) iOS and Google’s Android platforms. Developers have focused on both native apps for Android and iOS as well as building HTML5.

Developers have flocked to HTML5 despite the fact that the World Wide Web Consortium will only finalize the specification next year. The last version of HTML was released in 1999, well before the growth of social networking. The new standard is an attempt to keep up with developments in technology since the ‘90s.

AppMakr claimed that 84 percent of more than 1 billion smartphone owners worldwide spent more than an hour each day using their devices, giving app makers a large potential market.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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