December 03, 2013

Intel Acquires Hacker League Platform to Incorporate into Mashery

With Yahoo’s long string of acquisitions over the last year, you could be forgiven for missing the fact that a number of other technology companies have been following suit. Take chipmaker Intel (News Alert), for example, which has made a respectable number of acquisitions over the last year as well. On the HTML5 side, the company scooped up all the HTML5 assets of appMobi back in February, followed by the outright acquisition of API management company Mashery (NewsAlert) for around $180 million in April.

Now, Intel is following up directly on its Mashery acquisition by scooping up Hacker League, a platform designed expressly for the management of hackathons. Hacker League is to be incorporated into the Mashery team as it exists at Intel following its acquisition.

According to Tech Crunch, Intel paid much less for Hacker League than it did Mashery, but considering the former’s relatively narrow scope, it’s not too surprising. There’s also the fact that Intel is only getting Hacker League’s platform, intellectual property and other assets in the deal, while the company’s three co-founders — Mike Swift (NewsAlert), Abe Stanway and Ian Jennings — will be going their own way.

That’s not to imply the three are in any way unhappy about the deal; on the contrary, Swift told Tech Crunch that he believes Mashery is “the best possible place for Hacker League to go. I got really excited by the idea of Mashery taking it to places where we couldn't.”

As for Intel, the deal seems to suggest that the company will be upping its develop events in the future. As it stands, Mashery is involved in around 80 hackathons every year. Of course, Intel will likely use the Hacker League platform in its own hardware-focused hackathons, while Mashery may be able to use it to further its own internal development.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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