December 09, 2013

Updated FileMaker Lets Users Access Databases via HTML5 Browsers

FileMaker offered an impressive reason to upgrade last week when the company announced its new FileMaker 13 will allow users to access databases through HTML5-compliant browsers.

The updated application incorporates the FileMaker WebDirect feature, which offers real-time Web access to databases via desktop browsers. Support for mobile browsers is pending.

The ability to offer WebDirect is a result of the more powerful capabilities of HTML5 browsers. “Browsers weren’t up to the task until now,” said Eric Jacobson, FileMaker product manager.

HTML5, which is set to replace the current HTML4 specification, is currently a candidate recommendation with World Wide Web Consortium. Once endorsed, it is expected ease the ability to include and handle multimedia and graphical content on the Web without having to resort to proprietary plugins and APIs.

The ability to access data via the Web means customers also comes will need stronger security, so FileMaker now comes with AES 256-bit encryption. The company says this capability “locks down data no matter where it lives – on iPad, iPhone (NewsAlert), desktop or server.”

The company, an Apple subsidiary, also offers the free FileMaker Go app for iPad and iPhone, which incorporates more iOS behaviors such as popovers and slide control. Users also can create layouts and reports that are optimized for the iPad and iPhone.

With FileMaker Go, users also can scan bar codes the built-in cameras on the iPhone and iPad. The app also includes seven new keyboards — including URL, number, email and phone — to speed up data input based on type of content.

FileMaker has jumped on the subscription-based pricing bandwagon, and it offers FileMaker Pro 13 for $9 per month, FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 for $15 per month and FileMaker Server 13 for $29 per month, all of which are billed annually.

A traditional software license for FileMaker Pro 13 is $329 ($179 upgrade), FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 is $549 ($299 upgrade) and FileMaker Server 13 is $1044 ($528 upgrade). 

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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