December 09, 2013

Spindle’s Michael Stevens Talks HTML5 and Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is booming these days, with estimates from Allied Market Research suggesting that the global mobile wallet market is set to reach $5.25 trillion by 2020. People increasingly rely on mobile phones for all kinds of retail and banking transactions, and it is up to developers to find new and innovative ways to improve the process. One clear way to achieve this is through HTML5.

Mobile commerce solutions provider Spindle is the creator of the MeNetwork mobile marketing application. The app sends targeted marketing content, information about relevant loyalty programs, special deals and promotional offers to the personal smartphones and tablets of consumers. In this way, the app helps local merchants connect with customers in the area. Recently, the company released an updated version of its application, MeNetwork360, which offers mobile marketing and payment processing from a centralized platform.

Mobile applications using HTML5 coding have the added benefit of cross-browser accessibility, meaning that HTML5 apps can run on just about any device. For mobile commerce app developers, this is a huge deal. Michael Stevens, Spindle’s executive vice president of marketing and innovation and the brains behind MeNetwork, will be discussing the role of HTML5 in mobile commerce at DevCon5, a conference for HTML5 and mobile application developers, in a presentation titled “The Promise of the Mobile Marketplace.”

“One of the prime factors in accelerating mobile commerce adoption is creating an ecosystem that makes it easy for developers to contribute an entire new generation of applications serving the needs of merchants, consumers, and providers,” Stevens said.

His presentation is targeted for software developers who are interested in writing applications for mobile commerce providers. Among his key points, Stevens will cover such issues as standardized architecture, interoperability, user behavior, security, compliance requirements and expedient go-to-market strategies. In the mobile commerce space, new apps are popping up every day, and it’s important for developers and companies alike to consider these factors when creating a competitive and effective app.

“The paradigms that have worked in e-commerce and even Internet technology do not necessarily translate to a mobile platform,” Stevens added. “This presentation will demonstrate how developers can tailor designs specifically for the mobile user, merchant, and provider, and maximize their investment in this burgeoning space.”

DevCon5 is taking place Dec. 10 -11 at the Hilton Los Angeles Hotel in Universal City, Calif., and Stevens’ presentation is scheduled for Dec. 11 at 1 p.m. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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