December 09, 2013

Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Platform to Debut at DevCon5

Attendees at this week’s DevCon5 show in Los Angeles will be treated to a special preview of a new product when DreamFactory unveils its DreamFactory Services Platform for mobile app development.

The cloud-based, open source platform allows users to securely and efficiently connect a mobile app (HTML5 or native) with cloud-based enterprise services, including DynamoDB, MongoDB, S3, and Salesforce.

“Thousands of front-end developers have downloaded the DreamFactory Services Platform in the last few months because it enables a single engineer to build a mobile enterprise application without any server-side software development,” said Bill Appleton, co-founder and CEO of DreamFactory, and the presenter of the preview look. “We include Framework Wizards designed specifically for developers who use AngularJS, jQuery and Sencha Touch, so they can quickly get productive with the DreamFactory Services Platform,” he added.

The rollout is taking place at the DevCon5 developer conference in Los Angeles Dec. 10 and 11. Mobile application developers will also be treated to the latest REST APIs that reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy mobile applications for the enterprise.

DreamFactory, developers and publishers of rich applications for next-generation Web service platforms, reports that since its launch as an open-source distribution earlier this year, the DreamFactory Services Platform has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

At DevCon5, HTML5 developers who use popular JavaScript frameworks such AngularJS , jQuery and Sencha Touch will have the opportunity to learn firsthand how the DSP can boost their productivity and streamline the development of highly functional mobile apps for enterprise use.

Also at the event, Appleton will also discuss the architectural advantages of cloud service platforms for mobile application development in the enterprise, and will further demonstrate how to install the open source DreamFactory Services Platform on popular cloud computers from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace (NewsAlert).

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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