December 09, 2013

CORE and Big Time Partner on Mobile Casino Gaming

The world of HTML5 gaming got a boost in attention when a Nintendo fan created "Full Screen Mario," a complete, open source version of the popular video game, Super Mario Bros. The website has since been taken down due to its alleged infringement on Nintendo's copyright, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

CORE Gaming, a developer of of HMTL5 and tablet casino games, has signed a deal with slots provider Big Time Gaming to create mobile versions of Big Time's desktop games in 2014.

CORE and Big Time both seems to be big fans of one another's work. CORE Gaming CEO Justin Chamberlain described Big Time games as having "really strong identities" that "stand out from the crowd."

Big Time Gaming CEO Nik Robinson returned the favor, pointing to CORE's "knowledge and expertise" with mobile game development."

Both CEOs seem quite confident that this will be an ideal, productive partnership. The increase in the various ways and methods that people can now have access to gambling, which can be an addictive problem for some.

One of the first ventures that CORE and Big Time will partner on is "Lucky Streak," which will transfer from desktop to mobile game as it brings to life "traditional, old school fruit machine game playing."

People used to go to the casino in order to play the fruit machine slots and then they could do it on their desktops. After CORE develops this mobile version perhaps the next step will be a virtual reality simulation of being at the casino and then, to bring it full circle, people may just end up going back to physical casinos again. But that may not happen for a long, long time. 

For more on this topic as well as other major innovations in HTML5, join us at DevCon5 December 10-11 in Los Angeles/Universal City, California. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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