December 09, 2013

WebFL.US Brings Mobile Commerce and HTML5 Together with mCartXP

WebFL.US, a Miami-based Web designed and mobile Web development firm, has released a new offering that promises to bring mobile commerce closer to HTML5. Developed by WebFL.US alongside its white label Web development counterpart, WLWeb.US, the new W3C (NewsAlert)-validated online order and payment solution, dubbed mCartXP, facilitates the creation of mobile commerce apps that render as pure W3C standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3.

Apps developed via mCartXP are created with PHP programming on the server side and JavaScript on the client side and allow for products and services to be bought and sold using practically any Web browser. In other words, mCartXP allows developers to code once for all devices — including PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Indeed, since most mobile Web browsers — Dolphin, Firefox, Mobile Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. — support HTML5, any Android (NewsAlert), Apple, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone device can participate in transactions without the need for a dedicated app. On the developer side, this means platform vendor lock-in can be avoided, while also making it easier to ensure customer privacy is protected. Meanwhile, CSS (NewsAlert) styling can be altered to better match the design of the sending Web page or receiving payment processor for a more seamless experience.

WebFL.US is no stranger to HTML5 development since the Web firm recently integrated HTML5-based WebRTC capabilities into its responsive Web design solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) late last month. With mCartXP, however, WebFL.US is taking a firm stance on HTML5 development, while making mobile commerce far more accessible to everyone.

For more news and revelations in the ever-active HTML5 space, check out this week’s DevCon5 HTML5 and mobile app developer conference, where top names such as Adobe and Microsoft (News Alert) will be on hand to lend knowledge and experience regarding every facet of the industry. Topics covered at the event will include user experience design and security, browser compatibility, building business models for the mobile Web and much more.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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