December 09, 2013

Spin Games LLC Receives Regulatory Transactional Waiver for its Remote Gaming System

Spin Games is a company that was founded just last year. It has offices in Reno, NV and Bangkok, Thailand. The company designs and develops premium and customized gaming content and technology for the interactive and land based markets using the HTML5 format.

Last week on Dec. 4, Spin Games announced that it received a regulatory transactional waiver to conduct business in New Jersey. A transactional waiver is basically a temporary permission that could be rescinded should regulators uncover additional background information on a company affecting its suitability to operate in New Jersey.

KGM Gaming has been around since 2003. It has built its reputation with the distribution and manufacturing of gaming products and service. As the exclusive east coast distributor of Ainsworth Technologies, KGM Gaming offers the finest quality products and the service to support casino operations.

Along with KGM Gaming, Spin Games’ Remote Gaming Server (RGS) and nine new HTML5 interactive games received approval for field trial in New Jersey. Spin Games’ RGS is called the Robust Online Client or ROC and it is currently in the final stages of testing for the New Jersey interactive market.

Kent Young, who is president of Spin Games, said "We're delighted to be a front running player in the New Jersey interactive market. Along with our partners KGM Gaming, we are proud to be an American Solution, within the American market, and feel our HTML5 offering is best in class, and our technology approach is leading edge. This is both a landmark and another milestone for us as we make our way toward becoming a key player in the interactive space. We are excited for what the future holds as we venture into other jurisdictions for approval."

The ROC is designed to deliver content on multiple platforms. These include IOS and Android (NewsAlert). It also includes desktop applications. In addition, it has been developed with multiple game engines that include slots, video poker, ball games, table games and Keno.

All of which support a volume of quality content. The ROC has been designed specifically for the regulated U.S. interactive gaming market. This is also designed to offer the broad range of gaming content mentioned above.

President of KGM Gaming, Jason Peters, said "We are thrilled to partner with Spin Games in New Jersey and are pleased at how quickly we were able to bring the products to life in conjunction with the launch of online gaming here. We believe that with our coordinated efforts, we will continue to develop and evolve our content offerings and bring the best products to our customers and players throughout the state."

Last month in November, New Jersey issued license approval for several companies. The first offshore-based companies were given the go ahead from New Jersey regulators. A withdrawal of the transactional regulatory waiver is highly unlikely. The head of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, David Rebuck, said that every company that has ever won a transactional waiver from the state has eventually gone on to receive full regulatory approval.

For more on this topic as well as other major innovations in HTML5, join us at DevCon5 December 10-11 in Los Angeles/Universal City, California. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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