December 09, 2013

Holland’s Spil Games Plans Seven-Figure Bet On HTML5 Gaming In 2014

You've got to hand it to a company that's willing to put its collective money where its collective mouth is, and for Spil Games out of Holland, that particular money-meets-mouth moment is set to arrive in 2014 when it puts up fully $5 million in a bid to support the creation of HTML5 games in 2014. The move is geared toward not only creating new games, but generating ports of older games into HTML5, making it a complete full-court-press offensive for bringing more games into the HTML5 stable.

Spil Games' $5 million will go toward other points as well beyond the creation and translation of games into HTML5; reports suggest that the $5 million will have roles to play in terms of monetizing current releases, as well as marketing the games in question to the wider gaming community, particularly the 180 million monthly users who go to Spil Games' site for gaming. Those developers interested in hearing more about the investment, and likely how to land a slice of same, can get in touch with Spil Games directly to find out more.

HTML5 has a huge amount of potential in gaming thanks to its ability to provide a sort of one-and-done approach to development. Essentially, HTML5 works equally well on several different platforms at once, allowing developers to develop more games—or more complex games—in the same amount of time. That in turn allows for a greater potential for profit, since more product lines can be brought out in a comparable time frame. This in turn allows for more choice for the players out there, as well as improvements in the overall content; since gamers have more choices to choose from, gamers will likely seek out those properties that more closely approximate current favorites in the field.

Beyond this development, however, many other studios are embracing HTML5 development, perhaps most noteworthy among them is Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon will be sending its own director of game development, Nate Altschul, out to the DevCon 5 event set to take place at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City, where he will provide a keynote on next generation games and the role HTML5 will play therein. The show itself, meanwhile, runs December 10 – 11, so for those who want a closer look at HTML5's future, the DevCon5 event will prove a great place to get an eyeful of just that.

While the DevCon 5 event will show the future of HTML5 development clearly, it's important to note those developers who are right in the midst of said development. Spil Games, meanwhile, is looking to be one of the biggest names in that field with some substantial investment, so keeping an eye on this company, among others, is likely to prove one of the smartest moves that can be made in HTML5.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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