December 09, 2013

DevExpress Universal 13.2 Now Available, Offers Extensive Development Tool System

For .NET (News Alert) development, many turn attention to DevExpress and its DevExpress Universal line of software development tools. The newest version, DevExpress Universal 13.2, is now out—according to announcement direct from DevExpress—and this is likely to prove a development that's welcome on several fronts, especially among those who joined in to vote DevExpress Universal 13.2 the best software development suite of 2013 in DevPro Connections Magazine's recent polling.

Those who join in with DevExpress Universal 13.2 will in turn have access to a host of different tools designed to allow developers to carry out a wide array of functions. For instance, the DevExpress Universal 13.2 system will allow users to bring in touch and gesture controls alike for applications, while still keeping both WinForms and WPF platforms available, making for an even more versatile system that allows for the most current of control schemes in place. Beyond that, there's also the necessary tools to bring an Office-style user experience to Windows desktop applications as well as ASP.NET Web applications, thanks to a single codebase-style development environment.

Getting a huge boost from DevExpress Universal 13.2 is HTML5, as well as JavaScript, which will provide extra power to Visual Studio users with the DevExtreme Mobile App Framework. DevExtreme offers up what's known as the single page application (SPA) framework, which in turn offers HTML5 and JavaScript development tools for those working in Android (NewsAlert), iOS, Tizen or Windows Phone.

Rounding out the package is a set of enterprise analytics tools, along with dashboards and reporting tools to give better feedback on app development points, and even the CodeRush plug-in for Visual Studio that allows for easy solutions on a variety of development issues.

Basically, there are plenty of tools in here that should prove to be very valuable indeed when it comes to the developer level, and with all these tools in place, should make developing for a variety of different platforms—not to mention HTML5—a lot simpler. Simpler development, under the right circumstances, often means a faster time-to-market, as well as straight-out bottom line improvements. It's not a silver bullet solution, of course, but it will certainly provide quite a bit of help for developers in the correct conditions.

But it's far from the only development going on in HTML5, as will be quite readily apparent at the DevCon 5 event. Returning to California, at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City, DevCon 5 will offer up keynote addresses from several individuals including TiVo (News Alert)'s chief design officer and vice president of design and engineering Margret Schmidt and Nickelodeon's director of game development Nate Altschul. Additionally, there will be plenty of opportunity to check out what others are doing in the field, and of course, network for potential future development accordingly.

While DevCon 5 will offer up plenty of opportunity for developers to talk about the next generation of HTML5 development, DevExtreme Universal 13.2 will allow said developers to get on with the creation of same. It's clear that the two will work together nicely, and produce a future with a lot more in the way of HTML5 development than was seen before.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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