December 10, 2013

USU Valuemation 4.4 Adds Mobile Support via HTML5

International software and IT business USU Software has begun shipping Release 4.4 of the USU Valuemation business service management integrated product line. The major new upgrade introduced in this version is the ability for USU Valuemation to be used with mobile devices to aid during service callouts, process automation and handling tailored requirements. Additionally, a new message function offers greater control over which information gets sent to whom.

The underlying technology enabling these mobile features is, as seems to be the case more often these days, HTML5.

At this week’s DevCon5 event happening now in California, web developers, designers,  architects and technology leaders and business strategists, gather to learn strategies and tactics to implement and execute HTML5. 

According to USU, HTML5 was chosen as it is, “independent of the smartphone or tablet operating system used.”

This was the line of reasoning given recently by WebFL.US when it launched its mCartXP online order and payment solution. It’s a smart move, frankly, since most businesses have implemented BYOD policies these days, making broad device support a must.

Other improvements introduced in USU Valuemation 4.4 include simpler, automated work processes which should make everyday work — such as relocating systems, installing or uninstalling software, or budget planning — much simpler. Based on the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standard, Valuemation leverages preconfigured processes to enable automated handling of workflows.

USU Valuemation 4.4 also offers the ability for messages to be defined and displayed, in turn allowing information on new features, changes or outages to be created, administered and issued to dedicated user groups. This results in faster, more effective communication.

New wizards, meanwhile, make customizing easier than ever in Release 4.4 as the system, for example, helps customizers create relations and calculations. A wizard-aided installer also speeds up the installation process by helping to install the rich client and database, while configuring Web server files.

Of course, USU Valuemation 4.4 offers a number of other improved functions to give users and process owners greater overall efficiency.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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