December 10, 2013

InfoSecure Leveraging Luminosity Studio to Create eLearning Programs

CM Group, a specialist in advanced information and learning methodologies and technologies, has extended its HTML5 eLearning solutions offering into Europe thanks to a partnership with InfoSecure, an information security awareness training company based in the Netherlands. In other words, CM Group is now supplying InfoSecure with its collaborative eLearning authoring tool, Luminosity Studio.

Beyond a simple distribution partnership, however, this deal will see InfoSecure produce high quality, engaging eLearning programs with Luminosity Studio with the goal of increasing employee awareness on information and cyber security, as well as compliance and business continuity management. These programs will be available to organizations in over 100 countries and around 40 languages.

Speaking of learning about cyber security, those attending the DevCon5 HTML5 and mobile app developer conference this week can learn more about just that subject on Wednesday, December 11 at 9:30 a.m. at a session entitled “The Evolving Threat Landscape: Emerging Security Trends.” Hosted by Ted Harrington, executive partner at Independent Security Evaluators, the presentation aims to analyze the trends of and provide industry context for defending against modern cyber attackers.

Luminosity Studio is an HTML5-based tool for creating interactive simulations complete with a full range of content, from rich text to dynamic graphics, animations, as well as audio and video. It also offers customizable branding, allowing organizations to provide a familiar look and feel to courses, in addition to the ability to quickly translate content into multiple languages.

Of course, since courses created with Luminosity Studio are mobile device friendly thanks to its HTML5 base.

“We are delighted that InfoSecure selected Luminosity Studio as their eLearning authoring toolset,” said Tim Buff, CEO and chief learning strategist at CM Group, in a statement. “CM Group is a company that creates a lot of eLearning content itself, as well as providing organizations with authoring and delivery software and I have seen first-hand the benefits eLearning courses created using Luminosity Studio have brought to our customers.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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