December 11, 2013

Fujifilm XMF Remote 9.5 Features HTML5 User Interface

Fujifilm North America Corporation’s Graphic Systems division has released an update to its online print job management system, XMF Remote. Version 9.5 of this solution, being part of the company’s XMF Workflow and Product Management Suite, further focuses on efficient workflow for each print job. More specifically, this version of the XMF Remote includes a new HTML5-based user interface for a greater overall experience.

Indeed, not only is XMF Remote 9.5’s new interface more functional than in prior versions, it actually offers better security as well.

"Shifting the client-facing side of XMF Remote 9.5 to the HTML5 web interface provides users with a modern, feature rich alternative that doesn't suffer from security vulnerabilities. Java is still supported; however, thanks to HTML5, even companies with strict IT policies can now benefit from an easy to implement and open interface," said Jason Kammes, business development manager – Workflow, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

Of course, being based on HTML5, the new XMF Remote interface is now functionally cross-platform as it can be accessed via PCs, tablets and even smartphones. As such, the interface has been optimized for both mouse and finger-based operations while providing a consistent user experience for job review and approval.

The use of HTML5 to service a broad range of devices is becoming much more common these days. It’s not too surprising, then, that this week’s DevCon5 HTML5 and mobile app developer conference features a session dedicated solely to HTML5’s use in supporting multiple devices. The session, entitled ‘Using Responsive and Adaptive Techniques,’ takes place Wednesday, December 11 between 1:00 and 2:15 p.m. and will be hosted by Jonathan Baker, director of developer relations for SAP (News Alert).

As for XMF Remote 9.5, the release also offers advanced features to better facilitate production flow, such as a fast page scrolling mode or the ability to show multiple color sample points simultaneously.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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