December 11, 2013

KidoZen Works For Developers, Offers A Platform-Connected Enterprise Backend System

There are developers that are making mobile platform as a service systems that are quite well received. But some developers, like KidoZen, are actually going beyond that to offer a platform as a service offering that not only offers the standard platform options, but also works as a mobile backend system as well.

KidoZen's platform allows for not only mobile applications development, but in turn allows said applications to connect to a variety of backend systems, including things like Citrix ShareFile, Google (News Alert) Apps, Salesforce, SharePoint and more. That by itself is a pretty big step, but KidoZen goes even farther with its ability to offer several extra features like identity federation as well as both logging and monitoring. KidoZen goes farther still with a complete enterprise app store for managing backend infrastructure. All of this together makes an excellent explanation to support reports that the company has recently raised fully $5 million from Third Point Ventures.

What's more, the list of features and capabilities brought to bear by KidoZen only goes on from there. For instance, the enterprise mobile backend as a service system is part of its basic platform, and allows for a complete HTML5 hosting system as well as mobile data management systems. It has support for more than 10 separate JavaScript mobile frameworks, making it a great platform for developing mobile apps that even go sufficiently far to be useful at the enterprise level. Perhaps KidoZen's greatest advantage, as it's been described, is it’s about to work with things like SAP (News Alert)'s system-of-record technologies, which in turn makes it an easy tool for most any level developer to get in on. So far, KidoZen's system is in use by 60 different Global 1000 customers to develop apps, and initial word suggests the development is going quite well in light of the numerous competitors in the field like Cloud Foundry, OpenShift and even Salesforce's own Salesforce1.

HTML5 development in general is proceeding at a rapid pace, as is evident by the DevCon 5 event, running through today at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City. One major session at the event, hosted by AOL (News Alert) creative director Cory Hudson and PointRoll Inc.'s senior creative technologist John Percival, runs down some of the points necessary to develop in HTML5, with a particular focus on animation development. Given that Hudson also serves as the IAB chair for HTML5, the duo have a particular handle on developing in HTML5, and can show some of the points to watch out for when engaging in such development. The panel will include examinations of code, optimization measures and testing, but this is far from the only panel that will offer insight into HTML5 development. Several more such panels are still set to run at the event, and will offer specific information on several facets of HTML5 development. Additionally, several other videos on this and other topics can be found at this link.

While KidoZen is rapidly showing itself as a force to be reckoned with in HTML5 development, there are still plenty of other forces out there with an equal capability of offering powerful development tools. Figuring out just which to go with may be a bit of a challenge for HTML5 developers, but the potential rewards for developing in that field are hard to pass up.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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