December 12, 2013

HTML5stac Offers HTML5 Flexibility with REST APIs

Over the past year or so, a number of tools and platforms have popped up to aid in the development of HTML5 Web apps and sites. These range from the complex — like the JavaScript framework, which helps create graphics-rich HTML5 apps that run smoothly — to those focused expressly on simplicity, like HTML5 site-builder Wix. The common element among these offerings, aside from their HTML5 leanings, is that there seems to be a lot of interest surrounding them.

This is definitely the case with HTML5stac from MobStac. Like the company’s flagship MobStac platform, HTML5stac aids in the development of customized apps and sites, but built in HTML5, particularly with REST APIs. And, like the above-mentioned offerings, HTML5stac is growing quickly — and it’s easy to see why.

HTML5stac provides developers with a cloud platform that allows them to create responsive websites and Web services that function across various devices, with a focus on scalability and growth. In other words, with HTML5stac, developers would have an easier time widening their device reach down the line. Currently, HTML5stac is in private beta release, but a public beta stage is expected for 2014.

Recently, MobStac CTO and co-founder Ravi Pratap spoke with ProgrammableWeb about the company’s new platform and what it may mean for Web app developers.

According to Pratap, in its current private beta stage, HTML5stac is ideal for “small teams that have dabbled with building responsive Web apps and are looking to do more complex mobile work with clients,” but that existing businesses might want to hold off until the platform gets to a later stage. Still, MobileStac has already received a high degree of interest from solution partners wanting to use HTML5stac for the mobile solutions they’re currently developing for clients.

Indeed, HTML5stac’s ability to gather practically any content feed into a responsive content experience is impressive and attractive in a world still in the process of transitioning to mobile. One interesting application that Pratap sees for HTML5stac’s abilities, though, is designing Web service interfaces for SmartTVs. Its responsive adaptive templating feature, which allows developers to show a different UI to screens of a certain size, seems absolutely ideal for this, as he points out.

Fortunately, developers interested in testing HTML5stac don’t necessarily have to wait until the next beta phase, as they can sign up for beta access now on MobStac’s developer portal.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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