December 12, 2013

Goo Technologies, Ludei Bring Advanced 3D Games to HTML5

Goo Technologies, a developer of HTML5 game engines, has announced that it is partnering with Ludei, an HTML5 app and game development platform, to bring advanced 3D HTML5 games to iOS and Android (NewsAlert) devices.

Developers will be able to build games on Goo Create or Goo Engine and have them run on a variety of devices, including the iPhone (NewsAlert) and the iPad, thanks to Ludei.

"Since advanced graphics on HTML5 emerged via the WebGL standard, developing games has been an inefficient process, and deploying on iOS and as native mobile apps has been impossible," said Marcus Krüger, executive chairman of Goo Technologies. "We created Goo Engine and Goo Create to make game graphics development on HTML5 easy and accessible. Now we're teaming up with Ludei to help developers reach mobile devices too. We're really excited about the creative possibilities this partnership will offer game developers."

"Ludei has been helping HTML5 game developers achieve native-like performance and successful monetization on multiple platforms, especially mobile," added Ludei founder and CEO Eneko Knorr. "Goo Create, with its web-based platform, ease-of-use, and powerful engine, is an exponential leap forward in terms of making HTML5 and WebGL a truly competitive, cross-platform game development ecosystem."

Just a few short years ago, no serious game developer would have even considered using the Web to deploy games. There were experiments like “Quake Live,” but for the most part, Web games were relegated to crude Flash endeavors.

HTML5 is changing that. Now developers can show 3D graphics, as long as the browser is compatible. It makes sense for game developers to target HTML5, as it allows them to build games for multiple devices, whether PCs, smartphones, tablets or dedicated consoles and have them work like native games.

With the new partnership, game developers will be able to release their games on Facebook (NewsAlert), Amazon and the Google Chrome Store.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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