December 13, 2013

Mobile Advertising Company pixelplant Emerges from uxebu

Advertising on mobile devices is not quite the same as online or Internet advertising. While it is closely related, mobile advertising can reach a greater number of people. Most mobile advertising is directed towards smartphones, but we can already see that there are a lot more devices such as smartglasses that can also be used as receiving devices for mobile advertising.

The question is: what is the most effective form of advertising, and how do you bring it to all of the mobile devices out and about in the world? One problem is that the technology is mostly geared for online marketing. As I said before, while it is similar, online or Internet advertising is considerably different than ads sent to a mobile device.

uxubu is a company that has a very strong opensource and JavaScript background. The company provides the technology and services for making cross platform mobile apps. This is a company that was founded in 2008 as is based in Augsburg, Germany and Amsterdam.

Another area that uxubu has a lot of experience with is the fifth generation or revision of the HTML standard now known as HTML5. The fact that HTML5 is a great candidate for cross platform mobile applications is also a plus for using it to create mobile advertising.

One of the major challenges is that, since online advertising has been synonymous with Flash banner content, how do you get advertising to mobile devices that don’t display Flash? It would seem that one of the better ways to do this is to use HTML5.

According to a recent report from News Wire Today, uxebu is carving out mobile advertising. It is doing this by carving out pixelplant GmbH. The path for digital advertising is clearly going in the direction of interactive rich media content. This is moving towards HTML5 technology.

The challenge for the online advertising industry lies in the fact that the entire infrastructure of the advertising value chain is not prepared to handle HTML5 ad content. This is where pixelplant comes into play. It is building solutions to tackle these challenges.

Quite simply, pixelplant can convert your Flash content into HTML5 mobile advertising. It could be as simple as uploading your Flash file, in what has been claimed to be “in the blink of an eye” pixelplant will return to you an HTML5 result. These results will work on all mobile devices that Flash does not work on.

By making pixelplant into a separate legal entity, uxebu has separated its digital advertising services and solutions. pixelplant’s solutions include building frameworks and platforms for HTML5 banner display and distribution. In addition it will handle HTML5 content creation tools and a Flash to HTML5 conversion platform.

If that is not enough for you to take advantage of, consider then the fact that pixelplant is the developer of bonsai.js. This is an open-source MIT (NewsAlert)-licensed HTML5 graphics library, hosted on Github with over 1,200 contributors and followers.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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