December 14, 2013

HTML5 Report Week in Review

Seeing as how the DevCon5 conference took place this week, there was a lot going on in the HTML5 space — so let’s just dive right in!

First up, mobile and Web development firm WebFL.US and its white label Web development counterpart WLWeb.US introduced a new W3C (NewsAlert)-validated online order and payment solution, mCartXP. This offering facilitates the creation of mobile commerce apps that render as W3C standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3. In other words, mCartXP allows developers to code payment systems for all devices at once thanks to PHP programming on the server side and JavaScript on the client side.

Next, Dutch developer Spil Games announced it plans to spend $5 million on promoting HTML5 gaming in 2014. In particular, the company wants to promote the creation of new games in the language, as well as the porting of older games into HTML5. As for the exact use of the money, only Spil Games knows where it will all go, but it will have a role in monetizing current releases and marketing HTML5 titles.

In other news, Dailymotion has partnered with Jilion, a development team known for its HTML5 video technology, suggesting the social video site may soon be transitioning to an all-HTML5 future. According to Dailymotion CEO Cedric Tournay, the partnership is in pursuit of providing the “best experience on the market.” Obviously, the company thinks Jilion’s SublimeVideo offering is the way to do this.

On the development side of things, sonarDesign has introduced its Sonar platform in beta as a way to further HTML5 micro app (mApp) development. Still, Sonar also offers more than mApp development as it also boasts a user experience engine that allows for real-time monitoring of user analytics while of course bypassing the use of plug-ins with its HTML5 base.

Lastly, Goo Technologies partnered with Ludei this week to bring advanced 3D HTML5 games to iOS and Android (NewsAlert) devices. Put simply, developers will be able to use Goo Create or Goo Engine to create titles that can run on a variety of devices via the Ludei HTML5 development platform.

That’s all the new for this week, but there’s plenty more HTML5 news to be found, naturally, on the HTML5 Report.


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