December 23, 2013

Hatsize Unveils Hatsize 4.1 with Integrated HTML5

Hatsize introduces Hatsize 4.1, a flagship cloud-based training lab platform that enables users to utilize many features like groundbreaking HTML5 support, virtual classroom integration, international keyboard support, a new portal user interface, and cut and paste support to virtual machines.

Hatsize is a provider of global cloud-based training labs for software and hardware products. Hatsize 4.1 is developed and designed on customer feedback and address the industry-wide browser plug-in issue that hinders high-speed file uploads and downloads.

Many times Mozilla Firefox and Google (News Alert) Chrome browsers plan to stop supporting plug-ins such as Java, Flash and ActiveX present both security and usability issues.

HTML5 is the latest evolution and there is a new and better way for browsers to deliver multimedia content to users.

There are three benefits to Hatsize clients. They can get install-free access to training labs; no extra browser plug-in such as Java, Flash or ActiveX. They can connect to virtual machines faster because they don’t need to load any plug-in. Users can access their training labs on any HTML5 enabled browser or mobile device such as a tablet. This enables Hatsize clients to deliver their training labs via mobile devices for the first time.

Guy Hummel, Hatsize CEO, said in a statement, “The response to Hatsize 4.1 has been phenomenal. Our customers are extremely interested in adopting the HTML5 client, international keyboard support and virtual classroom integration capabilities.”

 Hatsize 4.1 includes HTML5 Client Support and Integration that deliver rich, multimedia content.

In addition, it can be integrated with virtual classrooms such as Adobe (NewsAlert) Connect and Citrix GoToMeeting. Other Hatsize can now schedule and run virtual classes with or without labs.

The Hatsize Portal can be integrated with WordPress, and it offers a new and improved user interface that can be optimized for both students and instructors.

The Hatsize HTML5 client gets international Keyboard that detects and supports the type of keyboard a student is using.


Edited by Ryan Sartor


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