December 23, 2013

PhotoBiz Furthers HTML5 Commitment with New Site Designs

PhotoBiz is a managed website solutions company that designs and hosts websites, blogs and even e-commerce offerings. Back in March, the company decided to place greater emphasis on its HTML5 Portfolio Site designs and introduced a slew of new designs as well as some designs from its FLASH+ designs reproduced in HTML5.

Since then, PhotoBiz has introduced two updates to its HTML5 Content Sites, Stores and Blogs, including new ‘Designer Series’ templates in July. The second update, which rolled out last week, saw four new designs introduced.

As has been the trend with PhotoBiz’s HTML5 Content Sites templates in the past, these latest additions are all named after beaches. In particular, they are named La Rambla, Tamarindo Beach, Waikiki and Chesapeake Bay.

La Rambla actually falls under the Designer Series of templates and is the only of this new batch of templates to fall under the family. It offers a designer element that expands from each side of the screen at the top of the page and is completely customizable. Otherwise, this template is available in 10 variations, each rendered in a different color combination.

Tamarindo Beach also places emphasis on large screen objects. In particular, it features a full-screen content area for featuring images from a gallery. It also features modern, subtle navigation elements.

Waikiki is, according to PhotoBiz, a good example of a Portfolio Site design. This is because it takes a single highlight color, ostensibly chosen by the user, to create a rich, layered border composition to frame featured images.

Lastly, Chesapeake Bay relies heavily on PhotoBiz’s color-shifting technology, allowing users to choose an accent color from an image to serve as the background color for the content area of the site. Border elements are then generated with a color slightly darker than the background.

"The newest designs are sleek, modern and versatile," said Jennifer Vejar-Stover, account specialist at PhotoBiz, in a statement. "For all small businesses from photographers to florists, the new templates present graphics and content in an easy and beautifully professional manner."

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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