December 23, 2013

GatherWorks CEO Experiences Adaptability of HTML5 First Hand

When it comes to building websites or databases that are going to be used on a variety of different platforms, HTML5 is really the best solution out there. The CEO of GatherWorks, Frik Strecker found this out first hand when his company took on a new project. The company was approach by a rather large school with the request to build a brand new learning management system that could also handle enrollment.

The school had actually tried to adapt their own enrollment and learning database from the massive number of spreadsheets they had, but found the process too hard. Strecker was interested enough in taking over this particular project that he did so even though his company’s developers were all too busy with other projects to play a part in this one. That meant that the CEO of the company also had to wear the hat of the lead developer. While Strecker has some basic background in developing, he doesn’t have the level of expertise that his other developers have. Because of this he had to find a developing language that was easy to use and that could be easily adapted and added on when the time came.

After doing just a little bit of research, the CEO landed on using the Sencha Architect 2 HTML5 app builder. This particular system was selected because it didn’t involve hand encoding and it was working with HTML5. That last part is very important when talking about putting together a system that can be used on a variety of different platforms. HTML5 is becoming so popular in the tech world that even next generation gaming consoles have turned to the tech.

When the smoke had cleared and Strecker actually had to roll out the enrollment system, he says he gave the application an A+ because of its HTML5 usage. "Within three months we were able to have a fully running enrollment system, course lists, families enrolling, tracking their payments, invoices and everything else," he said in a recent statement. Now GatherWorks StudyPlace is available for other schools who want to employ this kind of system while also adapting the system to that school’s needs thanks to HTML5.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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