December 26, 2013

Genuitec Announces the Launch Of MyEclipse 2014 For Java EE7

Genuitec LLC announced the launch of MyEclipse 2014 featuring full specs for Java EE7 developers. The new cloud application control IDE is also upgraded to feature enhanced REST web services for simplifying reverse engineering and mobilization. Built on Eclipse Kepler version 4.3.1 and bundled with JDK 1.7 support, MyEclipse 2014 enables Java developers to get the most advanced features of jQuery and HTML5 to design applications on a single base code and then customize/configure the apps for the latest versions of iOS and Android (NewsAlert) platforms.

In a release, Brian Fernandez, Product Manager for MyEclipse at Genuitec, said “Developers choose MyEclipse for their development needs because it incorporates the latest in Java technologies and competes head-to-head with more expensive IBM (News Alert) offerings but uses desirable open source technologies.”

The latest version of MyEclipse 2014 is loaded with full specs, new editors and enhanced libraries to support Java EE7. The additional features also include JavaScript support enhancements, new color themes, enhanced Spring Tools including fixed bugs and improved Maven support. The new sever connectors for Java EE7, included in the new version, are Glassfish 4, Tomcat 8 and Wildfly 8.

The secured format of MyEclipse 2014 is available inside Secure Delivery Center, a private cloud network. Secure Delivery Center can be utilized along with MyEclipse 2014 or with other Eclipse IDE licenses, allowing a scheme of natural path for providing instant availability and organization level license management capabilities.

The HTML5 Designer embedded in MyEclipse 2014 provides developers with HTML5 wizards to design the mobile apps. The MyEclipse Blue workbench features IBM Liberty Profile 8.5 connector to provide features required for WAS applications using IBM WebSphere. The enhanced REST services in the new version of MyEclipse allows for easier reverse engineering adding new classes, creating web services and allowing developers to point to an entity for reverse engineering in JPA.

Genuitec LLC is engaged in the development of software applications and functions as a fully virtual organization. The company is one of the founding members of the Eclipse Foundation. Genuitec is best known in the software development industry for its flagship applications MyEclipse and Secure Delivery Center 2013.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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