January 03, 2014

TransGaming to Present GameTree TV at Upcoming Convention

Looking to change the face of gaming and home entertainment in general, Canadian venture TransGaming Inc. will unveil one of their newest products in less than a week. You've heard of smartphones and smartwatches, but TransGaming wants to take the next step and show off an integrated smartTV.

Dubbed the GameTree TV, TransGaming hopes to demonstrate the future of cloud gaming. The GameTree TV seeks to “enable a truly social living room gaming experience,” and will be integrated with their existing television experience.

The basic idea is that games, like TV shows and movies, should be available as on-demand interactive content. That means that without having to get up and go to a store, families could simply download the latest games and rent them for a short period of time. Multi-screen technology even allows players to use their tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices as extra screens and controllers.

This integrated gaming system marks a shift towards what is referred to as the “Internet of Things,” where regular household devices connect to the Internet and one another for enhanced functionality. A similar product being released by LG indicates that this market will become increasingly popular.

The goal of the TransGaming Game Tree TV is to usher in the age of the connected living room. Currently, games are designed for several different platforms, including both gaming consoles and personal computers. However, modern gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 are built very similarly to computers, and it won't be long before the platforms are functionally identical. GameTree TV seeks to beat the industry to the punch and deliver cross-platform gaming directly to the living room. TransGaming will release the full details of the device at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, starting on January 7th.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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