January 04, 2014

HTML5 Report Week in Review

Well, the world successfully transitioned from 2013 to 2014 this week, but the HTML5 space kept on trucking as usual. Here’s a look at some of this week’s tops stories.

First up, IDC (NewsAlert) released a new survey that suggests interest in building apps in HTML5 is waning. Indeed, less than 60 percent of developers surveyed said they were “very interested” in building HTML5 apps — the lowest level since IDC began tracking HTML5 interest in April 2011. By comparison, this percentage sat at 72.7 percent in July 2012. There are a number of factors for this, including iOS 7’s HTML5 issues, but it seems that attitudes toward HTML5 have simply cooled somewhat.

Developer interest in HTML5 may be down, but Intel (News Alert) seems committed to the markup language. Indeed, the company updated its XDK HTML5 app development environment this week. The update brings a number of new features to the platform, with many specific to Android (NewsAlert). In particular, remote debugging, JavaScript profiling and a Crosswalk-based Web runtime have all been added to Intel XDK, making for an overall improved HTML5 development experience.

Likewise, the Raspberry Pi team demonstrated its interest in HTML5 through the introduction of a new HTML5-capable Web browser, developed with the help of software consultancy Collabora. Currently, the browser is in early beta, so problems may occur for those brave enough to try it out; as such, it’s recommended that Raspberry Pi owners backup their SD card before installing the browser.

Finally for the week, reports suggest that more enterprises are employing a more varied mobile development approach that encompasses native, Web and hybrid app development. Indeed, companies have seen the benefits that native and HTML5 development bring to the table and have begun using either or both depending on the app and its intended use.

That’s all for this week but, as always, you can check out the HTML5 Report for more news in this space.


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