January 07, 2014

BetCoin Launches New Game with Animated Slot Machine BetCoin Reels

BetCoin Entertainment Network has launched a new game which comprises of an animated slot machine called “BetCoin Reels.”

This is the company’s eighth release after BetCoin Prize Bitcoin lottery which is a mobile-compatible online slot machine featuring an intuitive and user-friendly design accessible from all mobile platforms. This HTML5 Web app synergizes mobility with entertainment to offer an optimum gaming experience.

According to officials the company is planning to support more alt-coin currencies such as Litecoin, Primecoin, and Namecoin.

BetCoin Reels will be the first BetCoin Entertainment game that accepts Litecoin credits. The company is upgrading the entire gaming platform to make it accept Litecoin currency options and is expected to add support for other major alt-currencies also.

The online peer-to-peer crypto-currency or digital currency also offers fast confirmations for informing a recipient about payment. It can also process unlimited transactions without any additional fees. BetCoin Entertainment fans can play casino games on their Android, iPad or iPhone (NewsAlert) devices.

BetCoin is optimizing the Bitcoin gaming market via its Bitcoin integration as it is augmenting the crypto currency economy with more investments. It has also paid significant amounts as Bitcoin currency as winnings for BetCoin Circle, BetCoin Dice and BetCoin Casino in addition to free monthly prizes.

According to officials, BetCoin Entertainment is promoting responsible gambling by educating users through BetCoin Wiki and BetCoin Board which provide details about the currency platform to users.

The company looks forward to releasing additional HTML5 games in addition to launching a complete mobile Web app casino that can support alternate currencies. BetCoin Entertainment plans to offer a new affiliate program to customers also, according to officials.

In September 2013, BetCoin Bitcoin Entertainment Network expanded its casino operation, with several new innovations. The company announced several major upgrades to existing products, including a patented and secure user verification technology and a unification of player leagues with monthly prizes totaling thousands of bitcoins. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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