January 07, 2014

NAGRA to Unveil Connected Home 4KTV Ambitions

NAGRA will be unveiling its secure connected home solutions at CES (NewsAlert) 2014. Along with that, the company will also debut its Gravity Ultra, the next-generation premium experience for 4KTV. These solutions and products are executed to usher in a new era in connected home technology.

With these new solutions, NAGRA is catering to the demands of new generation Ultra-HD customers. To give them the best experience, the brings together its expertise in user interface, enabling technology and content protection expertise

Currently, JoinIn and Open TV 5 are the leading technologies in the connected home domain. JoinIn architecture is based on NAGRA products and comes bundled with complete security and content protection solutions.

JoinIn allows services providers easily deploy and use the new connected environments. It also helps them deliver an enhanced connected home experience to the end users. It makes use of NAGRA MediaAccess Persistent Rights Management (PRM), NAGRA’s operator-controlled DRM solutions.

NAGRA Media Persistent Rights Management enables a service provider to control content consumption and distribution. They can do this with the help of various services such as VOD, PVRs/DVRs and content propagation within an authorized domain.

“The future of pay-TV is connected and presents many opportunities for service providers to successfully launch new services and keep subscribers engaged with their brand across all screens,” commented Ivan Verbesselt, SVP group marketing for NAGRA. “We’re excited to bring our latest innovations to CES and demonstrate a variety of solutions that operators can deploy today to make the connected home a reality. They also provide a glimpse into how they can prepare for consumer demand of new technologies, and particularly in the world of 4K.”

In September 2013, the company unveiled its 'Project Ultra' approach in content navigation and discovery. According to the company, this new approach is specifically designed for the 4K environment.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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