January 08, 2014

ACCESS Demonstrates New Cloud TV Technology at CES 2014

We're experiencing an era where everything in technology seems to be getting juicier, and just when we thought we've reached a critical point, some company out there comes out and proves us wrong. The television set is no exception to this kind of innovation. What was once an awkward clunky box sitting in the living room is now a super-sleek marvel of chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering. Now, some of the best work in the television space is being done on broadcasting. Media delivery is changing. In a multi-device world with more screens in people's faces, this was absolutely predictable.

One of the companies that seized the opportunity to capitalize on this growing multimedia multi-screen market, ACCESS CO., LTD, has demonstrated a number of its own products at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES (NewsAlert)). This includes two new products from its NetFront series (Browser NX and Living Connect) and its signature ACCESSMyTV integration.

All of the solutions that ACCESS presented provide a way of unifying content delivery among all sorts of screens in a subscriber's house, and they will allow television operators to have a green light in the security standards necessary for monetized (premium) content delivery.

Some of ACCESS' new technologies integrated into its platforms include Commercial Video Profile-2 (CVP-2), which lets operators use the magic of HTML5 to deliver their premium content in a secure manner, using DTCP-IP-based protection under HTTP Adaptive Delivery and Authentication. This technology will also let operators broadcast 3D content in two new formats: “Diagnostic” and “Low Power.” The formats are self-explanatory, and they present new ways for customers to view everything they need on their screens.

NetFront Browser NX has in its name the most prominent technology it brings to the table. It will allow TV broadcasters to offer top-notch HTML5 content with low memory demands.

And, of course, the pie is topped with ACCESSMyTV, which is the platform that will allow all this multiscreen tastiness to unfold on consumers' many devices.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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