January 11, 2014

HTML5 Report Week in Review

As usual, this week saw a fair amount of HTML5 activity. However, due to it being the first full week of 2014, there was more emphasis put on HTML5’s potential performance in the year ahead.

For example, HTML5 Report contributing writer Steve Anderson outlined how HTML5 is handling security, a hot-button topic for many technologies. By way of its unique keygen markup, HTML5 offers greater flexibility to developers by generating public and private security keys. Sample code for the keygen markup is available now to give HTML5-based offerings an edge over the competition. That said, it doesn’t work with every app just yet.

Next, co-author of “The HTML5 Developer’s Cookbook” Chuck Hudson pointed out that interactive video should be making its way to HTML5 within the next 18 months. Although this feature has a lot of potential, especially for advertising, it will take a while to implement because, according to Hudson, browser creators don’t consider it a priority.

Meanwhile, it seems Adobe (NewsAlert) plans to fully throw its support behind HTML5 by shutting down PhoneGap, its recently acquired HTML5 hybrid app framework. It seems that PhoneGap is too popular an offering for the creation of hybrid apps, while Adobe wants a fully HTML5-dominated future. The only factor staying the company’s hand currently is the fact that mobile browsers are behind the curve in terms of HTML5 features and performance.

ACCESS also demonstrated its love for HTML5 this week with the introduction of its new cloud TV technology and a hefty dose of HTML5. One aspect of this is ACCESS’ Commercial Video Profile-2 (CVP-2), which allows operators leverage HTML5 to deliver premium content securely. Another is NetFront Browser NX, which enables broadcasters to offer high-quality HTML5 content with lowered memory demands.

That’s all for this week, but there’s plenty more HTML5 news to be found on the HTML5 Report’s front page.


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