January 15, 2014

StreamGuys’ HTML5 Player Finds Favor with Whisperings

StreamGuys, a provider of audio and video streaming services, recently launched its HTML5 player to help broadcasters and streaming services attract listeners. Supporting all popular mobile devices, the new interactive multimedia player seems to have found favor with Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, the provider’s first customer.

The HTML5 player has a huge advantage over previous players in that it doesn’t require a user to have Flash installed in order to access the free Whisperings stream. It has the ability to synchronize live audio streams in a way that interests consumers. Displaying song titles and artists’ names, which typically causes integration headaches for service providers, is now a breeze with StreamGuys’ HTML5 player. Also, it offers listeners an iTunes like experience, with artwork details and purchase links.

Whisperings has worked with StreamGuys for some time, using its RevenueStream software platform for secure, password-protected subscription controls. Satisfied with this service history, Whisperings decided to integrate its new HTML5 player.

Moreover, David Nevue, site owner and a solo pianist and composer, was impressed with StreamGuys outstanding customer service and promptness to help whenever there was a problem. The company has also catered to Whisperings’ changing bandwidth needs over the years and listened attentively to Nevue’s requests for revenue generation through dynamic ad insertion.

StreamGuys has also delivered a multiformat streaming solution with the player that offers new ways to explore revenue generation for the free stream. It supports live ad insertion, designed to automatically trigger the right advertisements for the right audiences at the right times.

While Nevue has plans to use the player as an alternative choice for his ad-free PureStream service at a later date, StreamGuys is gearing up to extend the reach of  its HTML5 player across the country and abroad.  It also aims to extend its HTML5 player functionality to other multimedia streaming services in future versions.

Edited by Blaise McNamee


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