January 17, 2014

PhotoBiz Releases New HTML5 Website Templates

PhotoBiz specializes in the design and hosting of websites, e-commerce offerings and blogs. Its solutions are used by photographers, creative professionals, and overall by diverse small businesses. In its latest move, PhotoBiz has added seven new designs to its portfolio of HTML5 templates. There are five site designs and two designs for content sites, stores and blogs.

One example explained by the company in a recent statement is Sanibel Island, which has a screen design with a scalloped frame for the navigation menu, and footer.  Another example is Seaside Beach, which has frames within frames and stitching-like border. In addition, there is Mancora, a full-screen design, with left navigation and a thick-colored accent bar at the top of the screen, and a semi-translucent mirror in the bottom of the screen.

The company also released Montauk, which has a menu bar at the top of the page and includes an arrow tab that moves as the menu items are moused over. And there is Grand Cayman, which has a slide bar at the top of the design. A tapered shadow separates the navigation from the content space. Other options are Acorn Street and 34th Street – both with designer elements.

The solutions are designed to improve search engine optimization, the company said. It offers customers one-on-one training in optimization and metrics for effective SEO, as well.

Started in 2004, the company is also customer-friendly and features a two-week money-back guarantee. It now specializes in designing and hosting portfolio and content sites; blogs; online stores; point of sale systems and invoicing systems. 

Templates are customizable, too. When it comes to designing sites, companies can send content to PhotoBiz and it will provide a user-friendly site. Or a site can be styled by the firm using a customer’s own ideas.

When it comes to creativity and efficiency, PhotoBiz knows its business well.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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